Like "I cook with sugar so infrequently now that I went from buying 1lb of sugar every 2-3 weeks to a small box for my husbands coffee and for recipes that I haven't figured out substitutions for. I used to add it to my morning tea, but now that I use a scoop of vanilla protein powder, I find it's sweetened enough without it. I'm still in the process of deciding between Stevia or Truvia. I think I'm leaning towards Stevia being the better of the two. I treat myself to a diet coke every once in a while, but that's the extent of sweetened drinks for me. I stick to water. I've even got my husband into drinking a glass of water first thing in the morning and after he comes home from work because he's admitted to me that he'll have more coffee or a soda before even thinking about drinking water during the day. Even though he's not diabetic, it's still not good to go all day without having some water. I treat myself to a couple of Hershey's mini bars on occasion, they don't send my BG's through the roof. The same cannot be said about any other sweets or desserts. I learned the hard way that I'm a cake junkie so I stay away from them."