Like "My BG can go way high and I feel nothing, but go below 70 and each 10 count lower the shakes begin, sweats, shakes, etc., then I over do with the carbs. I'm slowly learning that to mix my carb with some protein, like string cheese, and I don't go as high and swing back to low takes awhile. I'll verify that insulin can make one gain weight, I've gained 40 lbs, and can't loose it even with portion control and diet. So be careful. Insulin did help relieve the intense pain I had in my kidneys for over a year. When put on insulin the pain was gone in three days. My problem is that in the last six years that I've been on insulin I've had to increase the amount till I'm very high dose of Lantus [110u], and humalog of 22 & sliding scale & carb count. Good luck!"