Like "Good for you for wanting to take control. You may want to rethink the idea of trying to control your diabetes without meds. I'm assuming you take pills for it? You may need to reduce the dosage, have you tried that? It seems as though you think insulin will help your high and lows, which they may, but it is a new world when using it. I have been using insulin since childhood and am far from there now. You need to constantly check bg and use insulin according to numbers, but it could still end up being too little or too much! You can still have the same issues you suffer from now. I know that I do go low and have passed out or had other issues with it. You are still so new to this and I understand your fear and frustration. I would be concerned with why your body is reacting the way it does to the current meds and wonder if it is going to do the same with the insulin. I just want you to be prepared that insulin isn't a cure all remedy and comes with it's own trials and tribulations as well. That being said, if you and dr decide to go that route, I hope it helps you. Are you seeing an endocrinologist to control the diabetes? Good luck to you:)"