Like "My DX was weird, my mom kept taking me to the doctor due to massive weight loss, thirst that was never quinched,dehydrated, having to pee all the time and being tired and very very pale all the time. The doctor kept telling my mom they could find nothing wrong and to keep an eye on me. 17 day's before my 10th birthday, she took me back to the doctor and he said let's take some blood you take her home and we will call when the results come in. About an hour after leaving the doctors office they called and told my mom to get me to the hospital now, they saidif she waited there would be a chance that I would go into a coma. My BS was 857. They started me on an IV and insulin drip and proceeded from ther. I was in the hospital for a few weeks, and then ended up back in the hospital for christmas that year, two years later in the hospital at Thanksgiving and the next year easter. They had hard times figuring out why my BS would not stay under control it took a team of specialist in a town 2 hours away from my home to discover I was allergic to long lasting insulins. I have heard of individuals having itchy dry skin due to high BS counts and some have gained weight due to always being ungry and eating all the time but never filling fll, just like the thirst that never is quinched."