Like "God your story is dramatic to say the least!!! Mine is a little less dramatic but here it goes!! I was 16 still in school and was working my very first part time job in a leisure center!! the work was hard and exausting but i loved the atmosphere and the new friends i made so i put the exessive sleeping down to school and the job. Over the new year i went to Austria on a skiing holiday with the school and there i fell very ill. Very thirsty, very tired, unable to leave the bed at all however becasue of school policy i had to drag skis up a snowy mountian because i was unable to stay alone in the hotel. !! In anyways when i returned home one morning i woke up with a shooting pain in my back and i was unable to get out of the bed, the pain literally left me paralysed!! the following morning i had the same pain so i went to the doctors!! He took a wee sample and thats when the maddness begun!! Straight to the hospital i went. UVs in both arms, nurses and doctors and needles and monitors for a whole week!! looking back on the whole thing i handled the diagnoses pretty well, it wasnt until i got home the shit hit the fan!!! A few months down the line I wouldnt take the insulin properly, i ate whatever i wanted, i wouldnt test my sugars for weeks upon weeks!!! i didnt go to hospital appointments because there was no point; all they were going to do was critisize and give out to me!!! Im sad to say this behavour went on for a good few years until i landed myself in hospital with a DKA!! I was in intensive care for a week and i never felt so scared in all my life!! Im happy to say my control is much better now!! Getting type one as a teenager is pretty rough and i think at this stage i have alot of self awareness of why i had done the bad things in the past!! its not easy but control is a process and you learn from experience!! Im 24 now and im not half as scared of diabetes as i was in the past because i feel like i own it !! My dad has had T1D for over 50 years now and he is as healthy as ever!! So there is hope for us all!! Its nothing to be scared of if you can say " i tried my best" at the end of it! Thanks for posting!! i love sharing stories like these!!"