Like "A 66 year death sentence (and he is not dead yet)? Check out Richard157 who has had type 1 for 60 + yrs and has not had complications to speak of except for the past 2 yrs or so as I remember him saying. 66 yrs and counting is quite a long death sentence. Type 1 or type 2 CAN be hell, or can be managable depending on one's attitude. Attitude is the major part of coping with ANY disease. Example: My late bride "Jem" had so many "medical challenges" it was not funny! She was blind (totally from age 14) T2 diabetes, heart problems, kidney problems, stomach problems, lung problems, had Rhumetoid Arthritis, Lupis (SLE), female reproductive problems. One would take a look at her and her situation and think that she would be a miserable person. However, she was the sweetest, most upbeat and kindest person that I have had the pleasure of knowing. She had a T-shirt which said "I don't do Perky", however she WAS perky personified. Every day she had a choice when she got up: moan and groan about her lot in life, medically speaking, or try to make her world and the world of others a better place. I am glad she made the latter choice. I am quite blessed to have known her and to have been a part of the last few months of her life. "