Like "I'm the first in the family to have diabetes, have had T2 since 1997. Just went in for my quarterly doc visit and told in a phone call that I had it. Might as well said I had cancer. My wife thinks I got it from changes in the brain in 1993 when I had a brain-stem stroke. Spent the first year on my stroke diet which is totally opposite from a diabetic one. Ended in the hospital for a week. Spent a couple years in denial, then a couple more where I wouldn't test in pricking my fingers. Very happy the day alternate sites came along. But never could get it under control because I didn't eat right due to the cost of the right foods ($40 a month for myself, then $50, and now $75) and not eating meat. First on pills & diet, then found out metformin was ruining my kidneys & liver six half years ago and switched to two types of insulin. Have gained 40 pounds because of this, but a new med has me drop 15 pounds in five weeks and my BG in the normal range, plus it makes you not want to eat. So I eat one meal a day with great numbers! Bucks I save on food and insulin will go to help pay for the new med. Good luck!"