Like "Hi dnuora, welcome to DC. This is a great group of people and you will get the help you need. I have been down that road as far as being overwhelmed with information. The day I was diagnosed, the office was out of information. They held a diabetic health fair the day before and depleted the information for patients. My coworker was diagnosed the same day I was so she shared a ton of information which I copied after work. I spent countless hours with my computer. I read a lot of information and copied and pasted what I wanted to a word document and created a diabetic file. After about a week I had so much information that it seemed to start all running together to the point nothing was making sense. To save my brain from overload, I stopped reading everything concerning diabetes for a week. I concentrated on getting my blood sugar down and changing my diet. Several years ago, my sister had a mild heart attack and changed her eating habits. I started eating like her. The only difference is she can have all the things I can't have. She still eats her cake and cookies but she also started buying and finding things that I could have. It isn't easy at first. Over time you will become a pro at this. Just remember you control your diabetes, don't let it control you. "