Like "I agree with what everyone said about stress. You can have high levels of it and believe with all your heart that everything is just fine. The same thing happened to me concerning my counts. I was doing nothing different and they started getting high for what I thought was no reason. My doctor suggested it might be stress and prescribed a medicine for me. As soon as the medicine had time to start working my count went right back to where it should be. I still take it and I am not bothered by stress now. It might take a while for you to find the right medicine for stress that works for you and one that doesn't make you sleepy. Usually, the sleepy feeling doesn't last but a week or so anyway. Just ask your doctor and tell him the same thing you told us. Tell him if you think you might like to try something. I don't know if you have any pain related to your diabetes, but taking something like Prozac also relaxes your muscles and helps the pain also. If I remember correctly, Prozac is now generic and even has a pill you only take once a week. Good luck! And be sure and check with the doctor. Taking a strees reliever will keep your moods from jumping down to dispair when something like this happens. Controlling our disease 24/7 is stressful for all of us and these setbacks, be they small or large drive us wild. "