Like "I'm gonna "pile on" and agree with Kirla and Caroltoo on this one. I know it worked wonders with me. All 3 of us (Kirla, caroltoo and me) manage our Blood Glucose (BG) levels through what we eat and don't eat. None of us eats much in the way of grain products. In fact I have written up a discussion telling what I do and eat to manage my BG levels without the use of diabetes meds of any kind. See that discussion here ~ You may not at this point wish to try to discontinue your medications especially until you get your BG readings down, but if you follow a very low carbohydrate/high protein meal plan as we suggested, I would expect your BG levels would normalize in short order. I also wish to caution you NOT to change your medication dosages without consultation with your Dr. Blessings to you and yours James"