Like "I was diagnosed at a younger age than my Uncle, my Dad's only sibling. My Dad was told he was pre but since then they changed the BG and A1c qualifying limits. His age was older than mine at the time he was told this. I do not know what his numbers were and he passed the year before I was diagnosed. That's the only ones of us I know of on his side. None of his cousins every mentioned it when they visited. Do not know much about my Mom's side. The Cake Lady's brother had no children. Her cousins are only in contact through an occassional Christmas card. My mother-in-law and 5 of her siblings had Type 2 diabetes. My father-in-law and and 1 of his 4 siblings were PWD. He was over 80 when he was diagnosed. So far none of their 7 children have beeen diagnosed with it, or any younger generations, as far as I know."