Like "One day at a time my day at a time!! Mine was a sudden diagnosis also but from what I've learned took many years for it to get to this point! I'm 7 years into this demon I call diabetes!! And I STILL don't get it!! I went from nothing to 4 shots of insulin a day!! Then I tried to ignore it! BIG MISTAKE!! I ended up in the hospital with pancreatitus which they had to treat with morphine and fluids before they could take my gall bladder out!! Haven't been able to get back on track ever since!! Now I'm BACK to 6-7 shots a day and I'm having anxiety EVERY single time I give myself a shot!! But if I don't want to get worse then I have to convince myself that I HAVE to give myself this stupid shot so I don't get any worse!! The best thing I can tell you is your DEFINITELY in the right place for information!! I've learned more here on this site than ANYWHERE else!! Like how come they don't tell you right from the beginning that they make SHORTER and FINER needles for insulin use!! Just keep reading...reading...reading cause EVERY SINGLE PERSON IS DIFFERENT!! Ask lots of questions chances are that someone here knows EXACTLY how you feel! Well, I gotta go get some sleep or I'm gonna be sorry in the a.m.!! :) Keep us posted K? :) Ellen"