Like ""Diet" always gets the emphasis when it comes to managing and reversing Type 2, but exercise can deliver a HUGE benefit, too. Here's why… Your body's cells carry an enzyme on the surface of their membrane called lipoprotein enzyme (LPL). On fat cells, its job is to pull fat from the bloodstream for storage (making the cell fatter). On muscle cells, it pulls fat in so it can be burned as fuel. While you’re exercising, LPL activity DECREASES on fat cells and INCREASES on muscle cells. Since insulin regulates LPL activity on fat cells, the more insulin there is in your bloodstream, the more fat gets stored in our cells. (Insulin also suppresses LPL activity on muscle cells, so exercising with high insulin levels won’t do much good.) This is how excess insulin in the bloodstream makes us fat – either our body’s own, or supplemental from a medication. Consuming sugar and refined carbs triggers insulin's release, so exercise won't help very much, unless it is combined with a low-carb diet. But when you do both, cells become less insulin resistant (more sensitized to the hormone) … your pancreas gets to rest and rejuvenate itself … and the stored fat in your fat cells is released and metabolized as fuel. The result is: Type 2 begins to reverse and you lose weight as a bonus. Exercise also has the power to change your DNA. A new study has discovered that vigorous exercise turns on the genes responsible for boosting energy production in the "energy factories" (called mitochondria) of every cell in your body. See: This is a very exciting development. We have long known that what we eat (good or bad) either turns on or turns off certain genes. Now we know that exercise can have a similar effect. But to get real benefit, you must up your intensity so that you increase your heart rate and calorie-burn. Walking is fine IF you are doing interval training (which is fast-walking for say, 2 minutes – and then slow-walking for 60 seconds to recover. This is the only way you’re going to get cardio- and diabetes-reversing benefits from exercise. Once you increase your fitness, through walking (“spinning” on a stationary bike is also good), you’ll be ready for some resistance-training or weight-lifting. This is where the real insulin-sensitizing benefits for your cells comes in. Good luck! Jim H. "