Like "Just this past week I became frustrated by the fact that I can't test the way I would like to (6x daily as opposed to the 3x I'm reduced to). As a result of that, I said screw it and stopped all together. I stopped testing, stopped taking my prescribed vitamins, the supplements I starting taking to improve my BG's and cholesterol and even stopped exercising. The only thing I didn't stop was my daily insulin. I was frustrated but not completely without some sense of responsibility for myself. At first it was purely out of frustration, but eventually it just became easy not to do anything. My only concern for the day was my morning insulin, then the rest of the day I was free to be me. I'm not embarrassed to say that I ate some foods that I know I shouldn't have but because I wasn't testing, I wasn't phased by what these foods were doing to my system. Then last night I read a discussion from a lady who was worried about here BG's being around 500 and feeling dizzy. Those few words brought me back to reality quick, fast and in a hurry. I realized how ridiculous I was being about something so simple (yet important to me). Was my tantrum over my reduced testing worth experiencing what she was currently going through? Not at all. I was reminded of how I learned I was diabetic in the first place, while in the hospital suffering from pancreatitis. The highs flirting with 400 for days on end, the liquid diet because I couldn't afford to eat anything without harming myself in more ways than one and the thoughts of I would never be able to control this annoyance because I'm afraid of needles. Worst than that I had been lying to my husband for DAYS about how I was doing. I finally decided that I was acting like a big baby and my deceit would only hurt myself and my family in the long run. This morning I woke up with a new sense of purpose. To get back to testing (my way), taking my meds and exercising. And to never let a minor obstacle like that get the better of me again. There are people in this community facing bigger challenges than I have and they do it with grace, dignity and a strength that I want to see in myself, if ever in their shoes. So I'm never giving up like that again because this is a game that I am fully capable of winning, so long as I stay in the game. I hope you find some way to get yourself back in it as well."