Like "I poach, hard boil, fry in extra virgin olive oil or coconut oil at low temp, or saute. My breakfast is usually a bowl of vegetables with an egg on top. This morning, I used coconut oil on low fire to saute onions, red pepper, then added a cup of fresh spinach and 2 cut up stalks of kale and let that steam on top of the cooking onions. After that was all cooked, I stirred it up and topped w/feta cheese crumbles. Pushed all this to the side of my wok and cooked about 5 spears of asparagus. Pushed all aside and did the egg in the remaining coconut oil. Other times, I'll use the veggies as a base spread across the base of a smaller pan, and just steam the egg on top of the vegetables. A lid on almost any pan will turn it into a steamer. If my BS are really high, I may have a piece of steak or an Angus burger patty. Protein and exercise drop my BGs like a rock. Obviously, need other foods most of the time, but it is an effective quick-fix when you need one. Hard boiled eggs are a nice topping to a lunch salad. Also good as an open-faced sandwich -- great with a little curry on them for spiced up flavor. Things to avoid for now (you may find you can eat them later) would be bread, cereal, pasta, potatoes, rice, milk (many of us are lactose intolerant and don't know it), and sugar/sweeteners (any kind). Focus on low carbohydrate vegetables like the ones I mentioned above or the ones listed in the discussion (25 Low Carbohydrate Vegetables) and low carbohydrate fruit (25 Low Carbohydrate Vegetables) (note: the link listed is incorrect, so look below in the discussion to the link that Temi provided). Balance this out with beef, turkey, chicken, fish (salmon is a great choice), and lamb. Olive oil, coconut oil, and avocados are good sources of MUFAS which are healthier oils. Drink lots of water and, if you use tap water, get a Pur or Britta filter for your tap or a use a refrigerator bottle with a filter. Tap water has hormones and other chemicals that are legal, but complicate our ability to deal with our diabetes. Watch your portion size. Good food choices still cause BG bumps when you eat too much. Better choice is to spread the food intake that keeps your weight constant over 5-6 smaller meals and snacks instead of 2 or 3 larger ones. Also helps to lower your cholesterol, if that's an issue."