Like "So is your appointment for later on today? Or some other day? I ask for I am a bit confused on what you had said above. Do you have a meter? Hmmm maybe not. But your best bet is to sit down, write out all the questions you have for your doctor. Mark the ones that dont make sense and he/she doesnt answer with stars. Also start doing a food diary. Why? For when you do get a meter you will see what spikes your Blood Sugar aka bg's. Dont hesitate to come back here and ask a ZILLION questions ok? The same applies to your doctor. Anytime you need help or whatever just come here and let someone or all of us know ok? Keep me posted ok? No worries, dont stress but I think that is a little bit late right? So instead find a way to be calm as possible. Know that I am watching for your response to this ok? Hugs "