Like "i don't mind at all! five years ago the doctor told me that i had diabetes ,the numbers were 147. i lost some weight and didn't take metformin anymore. something terrible happen to my husband and myself on december 23 2005. it took til' april of 2008 for it to be over. during that time my weight went up. the doctor than said i had pre-diabetes. as of 3 months ago he said there was no such thing as pre-diabetes,said that i had metebolic syndrome. when i had lost weight i still went ahead testing my numbers and have been in the range of 35 off and on for weeks, doctor told me to eat more snacks. i did, the lows stopped and i started gaining the weight back. now beacause of the heart symptoms and polyneuropathy i can't walk the two miles i used to walk. i guess i have just gave out of steam. there is no encouragement here at home, as others have their problems also. i do go on,but want you to know i appreciate your concern."