Like "Citygirl, I had poor diabetes control for so many years and I also had a lot of stress and depression during those years. I was told by two doctors that I would probably not live past my 40s. That added to my stress. Then, after 40 years of that, I found out about carbs and the new age had arrived with modern day insulin and treatments. I then had good control and my stress and depression gradually went away. I am wondering if you run a lot of high blood sugar like I used to before I knew how to take care of myself. I realize there are many other possible reasons for depression but blood sugar that behaves like a roller coaster and causes all that shock to the body can certainly cause stress and depression. Maybe your situation is due to something else entirely, I don't know. If it is your diabetes then a good endo and support team and your own willingness to work towards good control should make things sooooo much better for you. I hope you don't mind me making this post. I am trying to help!"