Like "Have you been checked for sleep apnea? Although the link is not yet known, many diabetics have sleep apnea. My doctors figure I've had it all my life as I was the 'nightmare' girl since I was a little kid and thrashed in my sleep alot. They say if someone brought a 6 year old in now with those 'issues' they'd be in a sleep study the next night. That's about the time my blood sugar issues started too... hmmm My father died from issues related to sleep apnea so they tested me and I have it too. I have a CPAP machine now and sleep well. Also, another thing I take is 3 mg of Melatonine an hour before bed. We make this naturally in our bodies but as we get older (40's and up) we make less and less. We actually produce it in the dark but with our lifestyles now and all the florescent lighting we don't make enough. That might be a first step to try. My son has always had trouble sleeping (another candidate for sleep apnea I think) He's almost 20 and started taking 3 mg of Melatonine and now sleeps 8 hours in a row for the first time in his life and continues it now. But don't take more than 3 mg!! You can buy it at any drugstore or Walmart type store and it's not expensive. Just a few things that I thought might help.. the melatonine might help, otherwise talk to your doctor about a sleep study. Hope you find something that helps because you're right, it is torture not to sleep.. *Judy "