Like "When low, neil, he should consume 15 carb grams of a FAST acting carb, such as an OJ. A soda (about half can) will work in that way in a pinch. One can eat about 2 or 3 glucose tabs, or a tube of glucose gel (a small tube of frosting works too). Wait 15 min after the fast acting glucose is consumed, then test. If the Blood Glucose (BG) is coming up, then eat a longer digesting food like peanut butter to keep one's BG from falling again. If one doesn't see one's BG coming up at the end of 15 min, do it again. This is called the "rule of 15s" That will keep him from riding the BG roller coaster due to over compensating. It is better not to give in to our frantic, panicky attempts to correct a low. "