Like "You need to worry about your own numbers and medicine and ask your doctor about being overdosed! You don't need to know or have the right to ask others their personal medical habits, etc... You can't base your diabetes off of another diabetics drug use as you are not them, so it is useless. When a person doesn't tell you something or lies, that is their way of saying don't ask! Either you are a control freak and need to know everyone's business, or you are a competitive person and need to rate your diabetes with other's to feel included? Neither is a good way to be viewed, and you need to learn to stop and focus on yourself. If you want everyone to know your medical info, then share it, but fyi, not everyone wants to know it. When a person says how are you? They really don't want a breakdown of your aches and pains and meds, it's just another way of saying hi. You say honesty is all you want, so I an giving you HONESTY! "