Like "I have to say, I have never had another diabetic ask me how much insulin I use or what my numbers are. I have been asked if I have high and low problems, or do I use the sliding scale or a set amount. I don't see how asking these specific questions would benefit anyone else. The amount I use is for MY body and will differ from someone elses. For example: My bg number can be the same as you, but we would probably need different amount of insulin, even if eating the exact meal and portion. Why, based on how our body uses the insulin. You also have to consider activity after meal, type of insulin, etc. Also, some people feel that it is personal information, which it is, and will just throw out a number instead of saying I don't discuss that info with others or saying it isn't your business to keep from having hard feelings. I just reread your post, why are you recording your friends answers without their knowing? This is sooo wrong!!! What do you plan to do with the recordings?"