Like "In case you're all wondering about what my feelings are on the subject, they are just as mixed as some of you. I think it could have great benefits for those who are struggling with D on their own. If, as some of you said, there are clear guidelines to be followed. On the other hand though, I meet with my doctor about every 2-3 months now and I almost always have questions or concerns that I would not want addressed amongst non-medical professionals. Even still, I've been known to ask her nurse to leave the room on a couple occasions. So yes, I take my medical privacy very seriously. I guess what it boils down to is my curiosity. I've learn so much from all of you and wanted to pick your brains once again to see if you thought the idea of this is doable. I mean, it works so well for us here, right? Maybe Tom's right, with anonymity comes comfort of disclosure. (Sorry if I put words in your mouth Tom) "