Like "You bet'cha! This is a hot topic with me. That band wagon is getting bigger and bigger every day. New meds, more sugar free crap than you can shake a stick at and secrets to reverse your illness. Avera is right, it is all governed by the almighty dollar. So here is what we do. DON'T BUY INTO THAT CRAP! Don't buy the "diabetic" stuff. "Sugar-Free" really means, sucker! Don't follow the newest med crowd. Be your own advocate and support things that are looking for a cure, not a quick penny. I had commented in another discussion a while back that since the "weight loss" and "quit smoking" band wagons are all filled up, they had to start something new. It is the diabetic wagon. Don't get on it. (Walk, it is better exercise for you. LOL) I am not saying don't do your research. You do have to read a lot of junk before you get to the helpful stuff. But I am saying don't give them reasons to come up with the junk. If we don't buy it, they don't make money, and they will stop making it. Even great stuff like the Diabetic Handprints is sponsored. I love that site, I participated because I know the charities it is helping. But it is sponsored by Bayer...we just have to be smart."