Like "What put me wise to some of the additive issues was that at age 25 I developed a pulse of 150-180 everytime I went out for Saturday morning breakfast and ordered my usual Saturday breakfast. I started experimenting with the pieces of my usual "Saturday Out" breakfast at home and eventually narrowed the issue down to prepackaged, prepared hash browns. When I fixed them at home from potatoes, I didn't have a problem. When I fixed packed ones at home, I had a big problem. When I ate restaurant hash browns, I also had a big problem. This led me to begin to study what I could be reacting to since I really didn't want to be taking digitalis at age 25 (which is what my cardiologist wanted me to do) to keep my pulse down. In the process I discovered dyes, nitrates, nitrites, and eventually came to the realization if it was a chemical and not a food, I'd best not eat it."