Like "Guess I'm doing ok, but not great. Testing is key and aim for 80 to 180 BG which usually ends up with an A1c of 6.5. I go to the gym most days, but lately, my workouts are less intense. I'm eating more carbs than what I have been doing and taking more Novalog to cover...this is causing more weight gain. Up 10 lbs to 210 from my ideal at 200. Also, the Novalog increase has caused my wife to call 911 a couple of times in the middle of the wake up with 5 emt's in your bedroom at 3 in the morning giving you a glucose IV who tell you your BG was 27. This is not good. (you might not wake up!!) Have to get back on the "straight and narrow"....don't want to spoil 46 years of relative success. "