Like "As someone personally who uses food to replace missing things in my life, I totally get how she is feeling. Sometimes we don't even know we are replacing food for other things. But for me, the more hectic my life got, the more I would eat. I think I felt out of control. I find that I eat out of emotion and if I am feeling stress, sad or angry, I tend to make poor food choices. The more loved ones nag, the worse it gets because guilt is just added to the mix. It has to be something that she has her own "light bulb" moment to see. It sounds more like some other things need to be discussed rather than her weight. There is a lot going on underneath. Use love to find out what that is and ways to help her heal that part. Then you will hopefully see the outside change back. There is also the issue of food addiction. Here are some discussions on it. The other thing you might want to do is check out our Obesity Connect. They may have more insight to what is causing her to loose control."