Like "she doesnt have it..yet... tho she reminded me that when she was pregnant with her 2 year old, her sugar was a bit high during the pregnancy.. so that is a signal i believe... I think she's heading there.. with all that weight and from the way she eats and the fact that its on both sides of the family.. that's my fear. she cooks with loads of oil, salt, eats all the heavy starchy foods late at nights and then goes to her bed.. she is getting soo big compared to the slim trim person i know used to be my daughter. she comes home with McDonlad and KFC, she complains about how i dont cook with enough oil and she cant eat my food... its depressing and i'll be here with her for the next 2 months...!!! she feeds the stuff to her kids too and puts more than they can manage in their plates. when i ask her why she's giving them so much rice... she makes me know that she knows how much her kids can manage.. most of the times they leave the stuff on the plates. today i did the cooking, gave them loads of vegs and a small amount of rice along with their protien.. and i didnt have to force them to eat up... they enjoyed the meal...idont know where to start with her tho.. "