Like "Nuts are good for a protein snack. I am allergic to all nuts and fruits containing pits. I get sugar free hard candy at Walgreens because I love the Green Apple flavor. I don't eat a lot of candy because sugar free candy contains sugar alcohol. I make sugar free pudding or buy the sugar free pudding or jello packs and one will kill my sweet tooth. I also buy no sugar added/sugar free apple pie, Pound cake made with soy flour and milk and sugar free blueberry muffins at the Amish Market. Fruits make their own natural sugar so the sweetness is enough for me. I find it has no effect on my blood sugar levels. However, please test daily and take your meds correctly. Once you are in control you can add something sweet. I am T2 also and on Met 1 a day. I can have a real sweet now and then as a treat. Good Luck"