Like "HURRAY for you Ellen! Do you have what I did to manage my BGs without diabetes meds and additionally i LOST about 50 lbs. It is rather radical but I manage my BGs in the normal range without the use of any diabetes meds of any kind. Now you may need to keep on taking YOUR diabetes meds, but this may be a way to lose the weight you need to lose. It didn't happen overnight for me either, but within 2 or 3 months I noticed my 42 inch waistbands getting looser. I started in Feb 2011 and at that time my focus was on BG readings. by the time of my trip to Ohio in July I had to wear a 38 inch waist band or my pants would fall down around my ankles when I had to take off my belt in the airpost. That was exciting and scary all at the same time. And by Oct 2011 my son pulled me aside and wanted to buy me new pants that fit better so I'd look better for the wedding. (ya know what -- I let him!) Should you wish it, I will send it to your DC inbox so it will be easy to find. Posting things like that in a discusssion board clutters up the board and gets lost so easily. If one doesn't delete that email then you have it to refer to it when needed. let me know ellen!"