Like "pcyoung38, That is a terrific question! My carb intake has increased to some extent. The reason is that I allow myself some whole grain, mainly whole wheat foods. On my low carb diet, that was a complete no no! As a matter of fact, I did not allow myself to indulge in any processed foods such as breads, cake, pizza etc. Practically no simple carbs with few exceptions. On my current diet, I am still very careful with carbs, and I still avoid simple carbs. The big differnce is the avoidance of mainly unhealthy fats to a greater degree, and an increase in fibre. I stiil eat mainly vegetables,low glycemic fruits, poultry and an occasional small piece of red meat. The new additions include foods like a small amount of whole wheat or rye bread, an occasional bowl of low carb cereal, a small side of whole wheat pasta or brown rice, low fat milk and low fat or no fat salad dressings etc. Portion control is also a major factor and part of my diet and helps greatly with control of my bg and weight. I mention this since I'm sure that many people have different and varied perceptions of what a low carb or a low fat diet consists of. "