Like "You're a great friend James, but I have to disagree w/you. I will always believe that I gave myself this disease. I was diagnosed w/it when I topped the scales at 285! I will always be a firm believer that I gave myself this disease. The only exercise I got back then was wobbling to & from the kitchen w/ huge plates of food, and sitting right back in front the TV. The only type of wt lifting that I did, was lifting a forkful of food to my mouth. AND it was always the wrong type of food. I didn't heed my doc's warning when he said that I was board line I just kept eating away, getting fatter day by day. Until I get a call from my doc saying that I am now a diabetic. I gave it to myself because I was just a HUGE FAT slob. I thought I was invincible. "It'll never happen to me" I thought. Well, it did happen, & now I have this disease that I gave to myself. The only ones that I can blame is, "Mr Goodbar, 3 musketeers, Ben & Jerry's, etc. This is what happens when you overdose on food. You get fat,gainwt, & become diabetic. (In a nutshell kinda.)"