Like "Christmas greetings to you and all our Diabetic partners here on DC this morning..we all know how devastating the Diabeast is.. but look at the brighter side.. its a disease u can control and manage.. so pls dont give up. I get up in the mornings andifeel weakness and nervousness in my legs, part of my left hand feels numb- the 2 left fingers.. i feel like sometimes i just want to curl up in bed and sometimes when i check my #s its high.. and what did i eat.. God bless the amounts. I eat out of a breakfast plate and I DO NOT take sugars at all..not even sweeteners.. and still I rise.. but it does not stop me?. My son bought me a cute puppy for xmas and he's become a great distraction for me from my diabetes.. seek the good things around u and concentrate on them. Me.. I also do Face book for fun.. nice to be seeing into other people's lives...its fun, especially their albums and i'm not afraid to add my comments! try it if u r not already on.."