Like "The thing about diabetes is that you would not have lived your life "happy and free." You would have experienced serious physical complications including loss of vision, amputations, and immobility and dependence on others, if they would be willing to take care of you. You don't just go to bed one night and die peacefully in your sleep. No, it is a prolonged, torturous way to go. I am sorry you feel anger at the "messenger", your doctor, rather than directing the energy to take as much control as you can over diabetes. You still have the choice to live your life as you wish, why not ignore the condition and do what makes you happy? No one is stopping you from that. Just make arrangements so that your loved ones are not negatively impacted by your choices. Fortunately, everyone is diferent and some fight the good fight and others would prefer to put their heads in the sand. But, as I have learned, just because I may be tired of thinking about diabetes, that does not mean it will go away. And I know that I have control over the way I eat, the time I exercise and the priority I place on taking my meds. I choose not to surrender to a disease I can make a positive impact on and diabetes is one such disease."