Like "I think I would go back to before I was diagnosed and say that I wish I had not believed the information that we were all taught in the 70's and 80's about pasta and rice being so "good" for us. Tasted great, but we surely didn't need the quantities (up to 50% of our food intake) that we were encouraged to eat because it was "healthy and necessary". The other thing would be education about how sleep deprivation occurring for ANY reason over a prolonged period can lead to serious complications like D. I also wish, when I was told I was pre-diabetic, that I had also been taught what I needed to know to stop it then. Instead, I got a one-liner from my doc who said "you need to eat less, loose weight, and exercise more". Duh....he had been saying that for years and I had continually told him, I did exercise, I ate 1000-1200 calories per day, and I wasn't loosing weight!!!!! He thought I was cheating on my calorie counts or exercise, in fact I was flagrantly developing insulin resistance, but it remained undiagnosed because of his assumptions. Thank goodness, we know these things now and they can be shared so, hopefully, some others can avoid developing Diabetes."