Like "We might, but in some cases it appears to perhaps be a cultural norm....we do have a very ethnically diverse population here in Hawaii from the tiny women who are less than size "0" to the Raphaelesque ones. What I do notice though, and am very pleased to see from the perspective of psychological health, is that most seem quite happy with themselves where ever they fall in the spectrum. At least, it is emotionally healthy, though many on the plus side of the scale do also have diabetes. D is very rampant in the Hawaiian community where so many seem to have accepted the worst the west has to offer in the way of food choices. (I've been here 20 years and I will never wrap my mind around why people enjoy SPAM. It was a WWII horror food.) Dr. Terry Shintani's recent study and recommendations focused on going back to the original inhabitants Hawaiian diet and removing things like Spam from the diet. The study was done at a hospital near where I worked and was amazingly successful in terms of reduced BG and weight."