Like "Howdy Narelle! I found a Blood glucose converter which converts your BG system to ours. Here it is: and plugging your numbers in your 15.0 im mmol/L is 270 in our mg/dl. and your 19.0 converts to 342. Wow! Are you on any medications for your MS? Because I read that a good number of meds for MS DO cause high BGs . Read it here ~ However I looked further and found that Hypoglycemia may be a characteristic of MS also. Here ~ It is probably like diabetes. Each person is unique within a certain range of symptoms. I am sorry to hear of Banjo's trouble and future demise. One hates to euthanize a good and faithful friend, but one also hates to see them suffer also. It was my job as daddy to put my sons' pets out of their misery when they got so bad. I always hated it, but I hated to see them suffer also. May you and yours have a blessed Christmas and a prosperous new year. James "