Like "Thank you so much!! I knew about the weight, I weigh myself once or twice a week at work. I've actually been stuck at 15lbs for a bit, but I know it will start coming off again, I think I'm at a platau. The number I was really wandering about was my A1c, she was not happy with me 2months ago because it had gone from 8.4 to 8.7 AFTER she put me on glucophage! So I was very happy to show her that I was serious about this. But you know, all the hard work is fine and good, but you need the proof (#) to reflect it! She said she was very proud of me and wished some of her other patients would work on their numbers!! I did tell her I was a little concerned with my everyday to day #'s which hover anywhere from the low 130's up into the 190's! She looked at my journal and said it looked like I was doing all the right things (mostly! She didn't see the day I ate the donut! Big mistake!) so she just tweaked my meds and added 1 20mg Amaryl at lunch time to see if helps support me alittle better. But all in all, I did good!! Thank you for sharing in my happiness!! Blessings, Mickey"