Like "Well my question is when are you going to find another Doctor? It appears to me that this Doctor is not really listening to you, what you can do is ask him to let you see a specialist and/or again just find another Doctor. I changed Doctors so many times it will make your head spin, I suffered a lot with abdominal pain when I was on metmorphin, it was terrible. You have to understand that this is your body and you are in charge, you do not want to keep paying this Doctor when he is not helping your condition, this is serious it is your life. Please do give another Doctor a go of this and do not keep taking any meds that are hurting instead of healing. Please keep us advised of your situation. Take charge of you of your health, the Doc means well but if he is not listening to you, you have to find someone that will listen. Perhaps you could suggest that you guys work on the BP first and then move to the next issue. Do take charge of your body and keep in touch with us. Wish you well"