Like "Sarah, Your mom asked a good question: what are you going to do, meaning it really is your choice because it is your body. Perhaps a second opinion would be in order, but they can be expensive. I actually had a similar experience as your granddad. Let me share a little of it and you can take from it anything that fits for you. In 2005 I had a "mild" heart attack, meaning little/no damage to the heart. Ended up with stents and a huge supply of pills. Long story short, I also tried 3 different types of statins over the next 2 years. All carried the warning that they could cause serious side effects like the ones you and I experienced. When I found myself leaning on the walls of my office at work because I couldn't balance or handle the pain in my legs, I quit taking them. I, too, knew my body and knew this wasn't right. Eventually, I'd told my doc and she suggested another. After 3 tries, we stopped talking about it because I declined a 4th attempt. I still take the CoQ10 and the Mega Red Krill Oil, but no more statins. After a return trip to my cardiologist in 2008, he said I was doing great. You have a serious BP issue and I would be really concerned about your stopping BP medication. Statins have a more indirect effect on our heart function, mostly by reducing cholesterol. Perhaps another thought is to suggest to the doc that you will do the other meds and revisit this one after the BP has "righted itself". I guess he can refuse to continue to treat you, but most doctors I've been to respect my right to decide what I will or will not ingest. Though, I'd have to admit, it has not always been without me fighting for what I believe to be best for me! Maybe this gives you some ideas about how to think this decision through for yourself. Your doctor sounds like he wants what is best for your health, so try to get him onboard. Sounds like your mom would be a good sounding board also. Then, of course, there are all of us. Take care. Carol"