Like "Do not feel so sad about the holidays.I believe everyone at this time of the year right now is going through sad times.With the cost of medications,groceries,bills,home payments,etc.People are unhappy this year.But others are looking forward to you decorating and bringing cheer to your children or grandchildren.If you have always decorated for your family then they may be a little upset if you do not this year.If you feel down right now it will not last long after you decorate for the others.This year i told my kids they were getting one gift Christmas,because we do not have the money and they are ok with that.And I will not be putting a tree up this year and they are ok with that.ill go to my parents home and they will have trees there.I am also going to take them around town this year to see all the houses decorated plus take them to the park we the decorate every year with over 600 lights.The whole park is lit up for wonderland.Just dont be sad about the Holidays enjoy it with your family."