Like "Patricia, My step father and my sons girlfriend's mother both died at age 44 from alcohol. It broke the blood vessels down and they bled to death internally. I say that because as you desire the taste. You must not yield in any way. I know you know this. Patricia you are important. We need you here for a long long time. I celebrate your success and tell you that you are amazing. The strength in the heart of the strongest pull is not had by all and those I mentioned. Patricia You are so loved and so needed. My prayers are with you to heal you fully and they are with your husband. I pray your family will intercede for him to stop as well. Surely he knows how hard it is for you and he probably needs to be clean as well. Cast off Satan in the name of Jesus. Tell him to be gone from you every time you feel the urge and set your mind on Jesus and who you are. You are an overcomer. You are set free. You are strong, You are beautiful to the Lord...and you are Our Patricia! Love my friend...Love"