Like "Thanks Mickey, My master's is in Educational Leadership meaning I could actually be a principal in the public schools. No thank you, too much stress do not need that now. My appts. went well yesterday had a complete eye exam - looking great! The Diabetic Counselor said that 3 months ago my cholestrol was high especially for a diabetic, so they plan on ordering new bloodwork since I have changed my diet and my A1C was 8.7 not knowing I had diabetes. The Dr. here in our town didn't even tell me that. It bummed me out, but I realize I didn't know what was going on so I'll be curious as to a new A1C test. The saga continues - as we conquer each day. Maybe my role as a leader is to not be a principal, but to help and lead others to a better understanding of Diabetes. Our community had NOTHING during the month of November - there is no awareness in our community. Thanks again!"