Like "Mickey you are so right I hadn't gotten on for a few weeks as I enter my third month as a T1 I had been down and very busy. Have had a hard time finding balance and good medical care. I have my first appt today with a diabetic counselor, after advocating for myself. I have read and tried to learn on my own. Living in a rural area is rough. No more complaining you're so right this is an every day challenge and each new day brings on the challenges of D, but as warriors we must wear the armor of knowledge and discipline. We must use use our knowledge to choose the right foods, we must exercise, and above all we must discipline ourselves to keep going. A quick note as I try to find balance through all of this I just finished my Master's Degree took my orals and comps, was a nervous wreck with bgs going crazy with the stress, but I did it through all of this. Let's celebrate life as warriors with each ne day that God gives us!"