Like "I have noticed without a doubt that whenever a warm front comes through our area, it NEVER fails, my blood sugar goes very very unstable....I have finally found newer and better ways to prepare for this ahead of time...I still don't have all the answers, but, here I thought it was my's not. Every single time a warm front came through, especially in the spring , summer, and yes, even wintertime, my body would not go to sleep at night....I started eating more pasta, as I ate zero pasta for years....and I started eating garlic of all things--it's done WONDERS for me---garlic and pasta have helped me tremendously--I must have been low on most of that stuff....I wonder what in the heck a WARM FRONT has to do with my blood sugars though? I seriously would like to know--it's not guess is that it affects the blood vessels in the body--the warm front, and in turn my diabetes is affected---geez, without a doubt , warm fronts do not agree with my diabetes---summertime is really really really bad for me----I fall into lows very QUICK when it heats up outside anything over 88 degrees, and before I started taking more precautions I would shake like a LEAF, my sugars would fall fast and really low--into the 50s------ANNE"