Like "Howdy Malissa I hate it that insulin does that to me too! But I was taking so little insulin (17 U AM and 15U PM) that I could manage my BG levels simply with a very restricted meal plan. No bread of any kind, no rice of any kind no potatoes of any kind or corn or products from corn. So I discontunued using insulin (with my Dr's knowledge). You may be on a larger dose of insulin and it may not be possible to completely discontinue insulin, but if you eat 3 meals a day and restrict the number of carbs at every meal -- (like Rice) --- you may find your BG levels going down and perhaps your need for insulin may trend lower and you may need to inject less. Less insulin injected = less fat gained? When I went on my low carb/ high protein menu plan I lost to date about 50 lbs after being on it for about 10 mos. I wonder if this might work for you? Blessings to you and yours Maliissa James "