Like "U know pixidust, ur right about the meds. I need more of them. Or stronger dosages of the same meds. How I count my carbs, is super easy. I don't consume any!! I stay away from fruit because it sky rockets my b/s. I eat nothing but veggies. I get my protein from soy based products. (ex. tofu) so I stir fry a lot,using the secret ingredient.( :>) So basically pixidust, the only small amt of carbs (or protein) that I eat is the tofu. I'm sure my menu sounds so unappetizing to many,(or not healthy) but it suits me just fine. (I got a list of carbs from an online site.) Wish I could remember the name of that site, but it was such a long time ago, that, I just can't remember. If I do remember, I'll let you & evry1 on this site know. Its just that this old brain, has already retired 4 the nite."