Like " name is Anne.....I was diagnosed type 1 at age 26, did not take the prescription for insulin given to me because I had very little food in my refrigerator...I ended up "starving" out the sugars , overexercising, ....that held it at bay....then, I forgot about it age 34 or 35 was diagnosed severe severe brittle type 2, then that internist changed his mind---said I must eat more for him to officially diagnose me type 1---again, being so poor, I did not---tried me on Metformin , my pancreas rejected it---I land in the E.R. blood sugar went from 63 to 701---I was given insulin---responded beautifully to it, the rest is kind of a LONG story---and private information, so, please write me back----in some cases of type 1, we don't need that much insulin.....I am just so dogged tired of feeling like I don't belong into any category----I am still looking for a new endo, as the excellent one I had---his nurse---she hated me, so, please write me back---I have had insulin again about 4-5 always works, but, there are so many limitations I have as far as money---I work 2 jobs, I now get enough to eat everyday---I see keytones after A1C took a long time to get UP again, as I almost DIED from the Metformin, not the insulin-----ANNE"