Like "i haven't had tough time with diabetes yet i was able to get mine undercontrol after 5 months of being told i had diabetes. i went from 8.2 april 2009 to 5.6 september 2009 within 5 months and from sept 2009 i have been at 5.6 until this point. just got my ac 1 checked in october.i started out taking 2 metforin june 2009 and 1yr later tooken off one of them june 2010 stayed taking 1 metformin and now 1yr and 5 months still only taking 1 metforin a day.i greatful i haven't had any dark days or damage do to diabetes. hope never too have any problems with it. will never give up on keeping in control of it.take care.i'm type 2 diabetic."