Like "Hi, kiwi777 ... Here's what's happening: These foods are immediately broken down into blood sugar (glucose) which triggers your body's insulin response. Insulin clears the glucose from your bloodstream, sends it to your liver where it is converted into fat (triglycerides) and stored in your fat cells. Since there is no more glucose (fuel) in your bloodstream, your brain begins to shut down from low blood sugar. The result is brain fog, or else sleepiness. (That's why these carbs are called "comfort foods". Go figure.) Besides sleepiness, you'll also feel hungry again soon -- and the foods you'll crave are those that provide the fastest hit of "energy" (sugar and refined carbs). This is a vicious cycle: eating carbs perpetuates craving carbs. Here's one other thing to remember. As long as insulin is present in the blood, it will not allow your stored fat to be broken down and released (normally, this happens between meals, during sleep, and while exercising). This fat also happens to be where your food's nutrition is bound -- so your body begins to experience malnutrition, even if you are obese. You're hungry all the time -- even though you're constantly eating. Here's the pattern: Eating carbs triggers insulin ... which converts carbs to fat ... which adds to you body fat ... which can't be released and burned as long as you keep eating carbs. (That's also why insulin meds make diabetics fat.) The solution is simple: Stop eating carbs ... so there will be no insulin response ... then stored fat (in the form of triglycerides) can be broken down into essential fatty acids which nourishes your cells and body. The result is that your body is forced to feed on its fat stores for fuel. You lose weight AND your carb cravings. Your health and energy begin to return. Your cells become insulin-sensitive, instead of insulin-resistant. Your pancreas (the organ that produces insulin) gets to rest, repair, and heal. Add some physical activity (especially resistant-training) and a few supplements to a healthy slow-carb diet that includes plenty of veggies, beans, healthy fat, and good -quality protein -- and presto! Your need for T2 meds decreases and eventually disappears. T1 also improves this way -- and T2 actually begins to reverse. Sure beats a life of finger-sticks and multiple drugs! Hope this helps. Jim H"